Gourmet Guide Cheese (Compact)

Gourmet Guide Cheese (Compact)
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The world’s best kinds of cheese presented in detailed portraits: Gourmet’s Guide Cheese is not only an extensive encyclopedia and shopping guide but gives a wealth of information on the cultural history of this special milk product, its production and regional diversity. The book shows how cheese develops over the course of weeks, months and sometimes years and is a closing argument for the acknowledgement of this traditional craft. It not only evokes the wish to go on a shopping tour on the market or a visit at a well equipped cheese stand but also makes curious about trying all different varieties. Entertaining anecdotes and stories of world famous but also almost unknown cheese specialties from all over the world take turns with helpful tips for even more enjoyment of cheese and suggestions for special culinary creations. Over 300 wine and beverage recommendations of Sommelier World Champion Markus Del Monego are added to the cheese portraits. Gourmet’s Guide Cheese is a book for cheese lovers as well as for newcomers.


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